I am a digital and traditional artist with a background in graphic design. My passion lies in creating art that captures the beauty and essence of people and cars. Explore my portfolio to see my diverse range of artworks.

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Portrait Illustration

A collection of digital and traditional portrait illustrations showcasing my artistic skills and attention to detail. Each piece captures the unique personality and essence of the subject.

Car Art

An exploration of my growing fascination with cars. Through digital and traditional mediums, I have created artwork that celebrates the beauty, power, and design of automobiles.

A series of digital paintings that demonstrate my skill in creating vibrant and realistic digital artworks. These paintings capture the beauty of the world around us.

Traditional Drawings

A selection of traditional drawings created using pencils, charcoal, and ink. These drawings showcase my attention to detail and my ability to capture the essence of my subjects.

Digital Paintings


Welcome to Combs Studio, where art comes to life. With a passion for both digital and traditional art, I bring creativity and imagination to every project. With a background in graphic design, I specialize in capturing the essence of people and their favorite subjects. Cars have become a recent fascination of mine, and I love bringing them to life on canvas. Explore my portfolio and let's create something amazing together.


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