Hitting a Wall

How I’ve pushed through my creative blocks.

Lonnie Combs

8/5/20232 min read

Well, it’s late. Maybe not for you though. Maybe this is the time your mind comes to life. Or you’re up for some other reason and you clicked on this just out of curiosity. Either way, welcome and thank you.

Everyone in my house is asleep and I have an urge to create. This happens a lot as an artist. One minute you’re making your way through life like everyone else and then BAM it hits. There’s this push to create. The longer you wait to fulfill that siren’s call, the more it becomes a need. If there isn’t something being put together out of the ether by your hand soon, you’ll explode or… deflate.

When I lose that drive to create, I become depressed. Nothing seems to go right in life. I try to come up with new ideas only to hit a wall. That wall is always opaque and thick. Meaning, I can’t see the ideas and in order to get through it I’m going to need to work hard. I’ve seen friends give up at this point. I’ve nearly given up myself. However, these past 3 years has taught me something. I’m stubborn.

I pick away at that wall a little at a time. When I can’t think of what to do, I do studies. I’ll go to Pinterest and look for some portrait photography and simply work on my skill rather than my creativity. If I’m at the point of not wanting to draw, I make myself do it anyway. Most of the time when I do this, I find the urge to want to keep going. I did this for a year, maybe longer. During that time I learned a lot. I got better with my proportions, tool (pen, pencil, stylus) control and confidence.

I wanted to put this out there to let artists know that there is a way past that wall. Persist and you might make it through it. Another thing that has helped myself is joining an art community and participating. React to other artists’ work, talk with them, listen to their advice and most of all be polite. I know that everyone approaches things differently and what worked for me may not work for others. Just know that these things are what helped me. I hope they will help someone else out there.

Happy drawing,



One of my favorite communities is The Draw or Die Club. You can find them on most social under @drawordie and the website is drawordie.co